Te Wai Pounamu Junior Touch Tournament

Dates: 11/12 December 2021

Travel to Christchurch on Saturday 11th December 

Return to Blenheim on Sunday 12th December ( After the tournament)

Travel: By bus, leaving from Lansdowne Park. It will be in the morning approx 7:00am. This will give us plenty of travelling time before the first game on Saturday afternoon.

The bus returns after the last games on Sunday. ( Approx 3pm) We will get on the road as quickly as we can. The bus will stop for fish and chips in Kaikoura.






All children are expected to stay as a team at the hostel. This is a special part of being at the South Island Champs.                     

Food: Dinner on Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday morning is at the hostel. Children will receive a packed lunch for the tournament on Sunday.  

All children need a large packed lunch for the bus on Saturday morning.

Please pack a large named drink bottle to use during games.

Venue: Burnside Park: Due to COVID all grades will be in a bubble and will stay in the bubble for the whole day. Unfortunately parents will not be able to come into the bubbles but will be able to watch from behind the ropes as in Nelson. Each ‘bubble’ will have its own water station, gazebo and portaloos. There will not be food available at the grounds!

Gear: Children will need a sleeping bag and pillow for the hostel. Please name!

Cost: $180. Please pay to Marlborough Touch and reference with your child’s name

ASB Bank 12-3167-0051698-04

Please contact Marlborough Touch if payment is an issue as we can try to help you out.

Please fill out the online consent form to give permission for your child to play in Christchurch.

This must be filled in by December 1 2021