Frequently Asked Questions about Touch

Can I play in two teams on the same night?

The short answer is no. You can only register in one team on a Wednesday night and one team on a Thursday night. You will be asked to leave the field if you are playing in two teams.

Can I fill in for another team if they are short on the night?

Yes but you must tell the referee and the other team. The other team has the right to make your team default and take the points

How many games do I need to play for a team before semi finals?

You must be registered online and have played 4 games minimum to take the field.

Yes. Your details are really important to Marlborough Touch, Touch New Zealand and Sport New Zealand. Touch New Zealand receives funding based on how many players there are in New Zealand. Marlborough Touch needs to know teams to make sure the correct people are playing in registered teams.

Can rep players play in social grades?

No- social grades are for work teams, family teams or older players.

Do we need a uniform?

Yes- all teams need to wear similar colour tops with numbers on them. There are cheap singlets and t shirts available. Numbers can be printed onto them.

Do I have to wear footwear to play in?

Yes. Marlborough Touch can't guarantee that safety of the grounds. Metal sprigs are not allowed to be worn.

How do I become a referee?

Marlborough Touch tries to put a trained referee on every game. However we do need some more adult referees. Please e mail to put your name forward

When do we have to pay our subs by?

Please pay by the start of the season.

Where can I see the draw?

The draw will be on the home page of If you download the SPORTY app you will receive live draws to your phone and alerts if there is a change.

Does my team have to register players online?